Thursday, October 20, 2016

Be patience until the days come.

Hai my love. 10 month we not contact each other, its feel hurts but I know the reason why we be like this. I'm okay love and I trust you. No matter what happen I will always positive in this relationship.

Love...  u talked to me be patience. I will do that. I know u love me so much and U know I love you too.
Still you remember our promises? Our story about us. I hope u will remember love. I hope so.

Love... sometimes its kill me slowly when I miss you. But sometimes I know youre my happiness and it will be my everything. "Why should I need to give up for all this?" I asked myself. Our love is our destiny and we need to build it together as we plan before this.

Well, our parents know about us but mama I not sure. Only U know about that love. Be a good son for mama love. That's all 😊 

Yes. I just want you be a good son for your mother. Its makes me happy sayang when I see that.

Our story. Our love.

Kita pernah nak ikat dengan tali pertunangan without anyone know except our parents. But, how we want talk about it to our parent.

So the right way, we will love after marriage. So I need to be patience. Sabr ☺. 7 years as we plans after that you and me meet and we marriage. InshaAllah. 💕

Biar kita terpisah sekarang,
Biar kita berjauhan sekarang,
Segala cinta kita,
Allah tahu dan Allah pegang.

Teruskan berdoa agar kita di satukan dan hidup bahagia sampai ke Jannah bersama anak - anak kita love. 😊

Fi Hifzillah my love. Dont forget about our future. I love you and I miss you sayang. ❤

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